Advantages Of Cloudfare Make The Internet More Secure

Advantages Of Cloudfare Make The Internet More Secure : When I first heard about Cloudfare then I thought why to do this,All people do ClaudFare to speed up the website’s speed.This increases the speed of the website because ClauderFire is a cdn ( content delivery network )

If you are using shared hosting, then I recommend you to use cloudfare because shared hosting server is very slow, if you use cdn in it then your website will be speed boost.

I used Cloudflare to get rid of spam visits and after 1 month of using Cloudflare, I found a very good result.that’s why today i will be tell you how to use cloudfare for increase website speed and make internet more private and secure

Advantages Of Cloudfare Make The Internet More Secure

To use Cloudfare, first you have to create your own Account in the Cloudfare’s website.After creating an account you need to login to cloudfare,After login, you have to add a domain name that you want to use in cloudfare and click on Add Site.

if you want to use cloudfare for free then choose 0$/ month plan and click “confirm button”after clicking on next just scroll down and  click on “continue” button

Now you got Name Server’s for your website just click the name server and paste it into your domain account i will show you how to paste it into your domain account in my case i will use my godaddy account for changing nameservers

How To Change Name Server

Search Godaddy on google open first result and login to the godaddy account after succesfull login click on “my product” then you see your domain name like ( ) You have to click on the “dns” option ( its available on front of your domain )

now you see ” Nameserver” option just click on change and select “custom” now your nameserver field is enable just paste here your cloudfare dns and click on save you have succesflly change your name server now its take 5-10 min to update nameserver but in some cases it takes 24 – 48 hours to update nameserver’s

after you change your name server your website speed increase 20-30 % as compare to old speed graph

How Cloudfare Stop Spam And Illegal Access

in above step we succesfully add name server of cloudfare and your site is connect with cloudfare now cloudfare start filtering ( spam visitor) all the reqest coming to your website

its help you to protect your website from spam and illegal access its filter all the traffic which are come from yor website and clodfare is healthy for your website

when you connect cloudfare to your website not any change in your website its only filter all the traffic, i reccomend cloudfare for beginear who don’t no how to protect website

its offer free ssl for your brand new website for free

How To Activate Ssl

just go to your cloudfare account click on ssl section and click on enable ssl now your ssl is activate for your website and its free to use

i hope you  have understood Advantages Of Cloudfare Make The Internet More Secure


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