How To Make Website – Super easy Guide to build website

How To Make Website : Do you want to create a website Or you have to redesign the old website you need  some important components

in thise guide,I’m going to tell you how to create a website. We will cover what type of website you need and how to design it, From buying a domain to finilaise the website We will do all your help No matter whether you are beginner or intermediate No matter whether you know coding or not

Required Things Before Make Website

  • Domain Name    ( We Are Practically Show You How To Purchase Domain )
  • Hosting                  ( We Are Practically Show You How To Purchase Hosting )
  • Logo                          ( Create logo From Photoshop )
  • High Quality Images  ( You Can Get Copyright Free Images From )
  • Business Email Addressed  ( We Are Practically Show You How To Create Business Email )

How To Make Website

image of how to make website

Which Topics We Cover ( Make website like professional )

  • How To Make Website
  • Make website using html
  • How to make website responsive
  • Create website for your business
  • How To make website mobile friendly
  • Which is best layout for your website
  • How to make website in hindi
  • Which is best website builder
  • How to create website free of cost

How To Make Website

image of how to make website

How To Make Website (Beginear Guide)

First of all we purchase brand new domain from Godaddy ?

Process of purchase Domain : Open your browser and search for open first result and search for domain you want if its available then click on add to cart and  continue to cart now they will ask you want privacy protection for your domain if you want then click on privacy protection in my case i don’t want thise protection.

i will select “No Thanks” option for privacy protection scroll down and click on “Continue With Thise Option” next step is if you have already account on godaddy then simply sign in and if you don’t have godaddy accont then just click on “Create Account” Account Creation in godaddy is super easy you have to put you email choose your username and solve the captcha that’s it  now you have your own brand new godaddy account.

Now,select your payment methode for complating your purchase i will select wallet option and click on “complate purchase”after 1 seconde new window open thise is window of “ccavenue” ( ccavenue is payment processor ) again select your payment methode i will select wallet and choose “Paytm”and click on “Make Payment” now you recive otp for verify your paytm account just put your otp and click on verify

Holaaa,You have Sucessfully place your order now you just got your domain if you want to see your domain just click on your profile and again click on “My Product” you will see your domain here

Its time to purchase your brand new hosting ?

Now, we buy hosting from godaddy ,thise time you have your godaddy account so you don’t need to create accont again just click on “hosting” and select “webhosting”now you see plan of hosting if you are beginear then i will recommend you to purchase “Starter” plan you don’t need to purchase advanced plan now select starter plan and click on “add to cart”

godaddy ask you to add backup plan for your website if you want to add then click on continue with thise option but in my case i dont need backup plan then i just select “no thanks” and click on “continue with thise option” select your payment methode and click “complate purchase” now “ccavenue” screen open just select again your payment methode i will select again paytm and click on make payment

Holaaa,Now you got your brand new hosting account  if you want to see your hosting its present in under my product section below yor domain name

Setup Cpanel ( Two Step to Setup Cpanel)

open godaddy account click on my product and click on setup cpanel its take 5 to 10 min to create your cpanel now you have your cpanel for your domain

Now,you have your domain + hosting thise time to install wordpress on your domain and create beatifull looking brand new website

How To install WordPress ( with refrence image’s)

At thise time godaddy will setup your cpanel you just goto my product and click on cpanel now its take 2 – 5 sec to load your cpanel after opening your cpanel just search for wordpress and select wordpress and click on install now wordpress setting page is open first select your domain leave diarectory field empty.

Type your website name and enter tagline for website seconde step is add your user name for wordpress and enter your password now scroll down and press “Install” button after 5-10 min wordpress installation is sucesfull and you got two url 1st is your website ( 2nd is your website dashboard or wordpress dashboard (

In wordpress dashboard you can manage or customise your whole website

video of how to install wordpress

Easy way to install Theme On Wordpress

if you want to install wordpress free theme from wordpress diarectory then the super easiest way is install the theme from your wordpress dashboard using searchbar functionality

first of all login to your wordpress  admin dashboard.Next,click on Appearance » Theme»

How to make website_install wordpress theme

image of How To Make Website

once you on theme page you will see the add new button at top just click on that

How to make website_how to install wordpress theme

On the next screen you have choice of select your favorite theme Here you can search for specific theme or search theme for specific feature

if you want to install any theme then just typy theme name in searchbar and press enter thats it you will fill your theme in search reslts

when you see the theme thet you want to install simply hover the mouse on the theme thise will reveal install button if you want to install theme then just go ahead and click on install button

how to make website_how to install wordpress theme

image of How To Make Website

now wordpress installing your wordpress theme thise process may takes 2-5 minute after succesfull installation you see the succes message with activae button click on activate button and you have succesfully installed and activate your wordpress theme

once you have installed wordpress theme you can customize it by clicking customise button under appearance section

how to make website_how to customise wordpress theme

image of How To Make Website

you don’t need to finalize your setting right now you will coustomise your wordpress theme much better once you have sufficiant content on your website

so lets start and see how to add content on your wordpress website

Add Content to Your Site ( Simple way to make website )

first of all we start to add pages for your website if you dont have any content to add on pages don’t worry you can add edit your content any time

in your wordpress dashboard hover the mouse Pages » Add New now you wll see the page editor option look like thise

how to make website_how to create pages in website

image of How To Make Website

first you need to write your page title lets write thise page title home after that you can add content like text,video,audio,embedd etc in text editor below

after adding that content simply click on preview and new screen open and yo can see your website page look if you satisfy with with thise page then again back to dashboard and thise time click on publish button for making your page live on your website

in thise way you can add pages for your brand new website

now let’s add blog post for your website

Head over to Posts » Add New in your WordPress admin will see a screen same as page editor

now,you can add a title for your post and add content in post editor at right side bar you can see category option just click on add new categeory and type your categery name and save it and click on publish

in thise way you can add categeory and post for your website

Basic Setting Of WordPress Website ( Basic but Powerfull )

thise time you have your own content for your website you will be able to customize and put it all in a nice presentable shape on your website.

first step set your static front page 

open wordpress dashboard and visit Settings » Reading Under the ‘Front page displays’ option click on the static front page and then select ‘Pages’ you created earlier for your home and blog that

how to make website_select static home page and blog page

image of How To Make Website

click on save changes button in bottom of the reading page now you have set your home page and your blog post display on your blog page

Setup comment setting

wordpress made its own commenting systeam which allowing your users to commenting on your website,but spammers also use commenting to make spamming

to protect your comment systeam from spammers you need to do proper setting for comment section and moderate your comments

Visit Settings » Discussions page and scroll down to ‘Before a comment appears’ section. Check the box next to ‘Comment must be manually approved’ option.

how to make website_discssion setting

just click on save setrting to save your newly customise setting

How to Create menu in wordpress website (  Super easy step to build website )

how to make website_how to create menu

let’s start to add nevigation menu to your website

First, you need to visit Appearance » Menus page. Enter a name for your navigation menu and click on the create menu button.

how to make website _ create menu

wordpress create your menu but thise menu is empty at that time now you need to add your pages which you want to look in menu click on pages that you want and again click on save menu

how to make websitre_create menu

Now you need to select a display location. These locations are defined by your WordPress theme. Usually, most WordPress themes have a primary menu that appears on top.

finally click on save menu

Customise Your Theme

now thise time to customise your wordpress theme in my case i have to install vmag theme now i will customise vmag theme

we have already make and set our primary menu in above step so you don’t need too setup again your menu

first of all we upload and set logo for your website

you need to visit  Appearance » customise under your wordpress dashboard

how to make website_customise wordpress website

image of How To Make Website

once you press cstomise option now you will see the customise panel of your wordpress theme.look like below image

how to make website_set logo

image of How To Make Website


now click on Genral setting » Site identity click on upload logo and pload your logo and click on pblish button its available on top right site of yor customiser panel

you have succesfully upload your logo thise time to create slide and body section of your website

for setting up your slider section you need to visit Appearance» Widget,Next scroll down and find vmag : featured slider and click on that and select fetured slider area now scroll up and find widgets right side feature slider are click on that  and maximixe it

How to make website_customise wordpress themewhen you maximise that section just set that setting as below

  • No of slider = 5
  • slider post = from selected categeory
  • categeory of slider = choose your categeory which you already publish you post
  • feature section option = Blank
  • feature post = from latest post

your slider setting is complate dont forget to save thise widget

Now your brand new slider is ready now your website look like below image

how to make website_how to make slider

we will create a beautifull slider now thise time to create a body section you need to visit Appearance» Widget and the complate setting is given below

  • vmag blog post ( style 1 ) :-  click and set it to Home Page Block Area
  • vmag blog post ( style 2 ) :-  reapeat above step
  • vmag blog post ( style 3 ) :- again reapeat above step
  • vmag blog post list            :- reapeat above step
  • vmag categiry post slider :- again reapeat above step
  • categeiry post list               :- reapeat above step

now your body section is succesfully complated now we create footer and it is our final step to make website

Create website Footer ( Make website using html )

visit Appearance» Widget and make setting your website as below

  • find custom html – select – footer widget column first – add widget

now its add to your footer widget column area scroll up your page and in right sidebar you see footer widget column first click it and maximize it and put below code in custom html


<img src=””>
cgsnews is your news, entertainment, music fashion website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry.
Contact Us
<a href=””></a>


  • seconde step – select vmag categiory post list – click on it – vmag categiory post list – add widget
  • third step      –  select vmag categiory tab         – click on it – vmag categiory post list – add widget

You have succesfully create your footer section i hope you enjoy our Guide of How to make website if you have any question please send email us to

Limited Time Offer

if you are beginear then we setup your website free of cost just put your email to right side of post and click on signup now and one of our representative back with you ( minimum response time 3 – 4 hours )

How to make website responsive

vmag theme is 100% responsive so you not need to make vmag theme layout responsive it already responsive

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